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About Me

Hi my name is Keren. Two things about me have always been true. One, I love to draw. Two, I have always been amazed by the natural world around me. I find it terrifying and beautiful at the same time. I am constantly in awe of it. These two truths make my path and guide my light. 

My love for drawing began before I had a memory of it. I believe my mother when she says that it seemed I was born with a pencil in my hand, I have always loved it and nurtured it. It was not difficult for me to choose the path of the arts. I studied  classical animation which allowed me to learn and observe my surroundings, the movement, the anatomy of things. It was a perfect fit. curious how things worked and to get an in depth feel which was more tangible, hands on, I later continued my education in industrial design.

So what is pieceofka? (pees-of-kah) n.: a piece by or pertaining to the art and inspiration of keren asaf 

piecofka, in a nutshell, is a place for my world of inspiration. It's where my art has a home, its where my inspirations take form as jewelry now but maybe something else later. I am happy to share my work with you. Enjoy.

Feel free to contact me or say hi.