Ju Ju The Clown

Introduction (as told by a cat)

This is the sad story of Ju Ju the clown
If you can't handle sadness then put this right down


Ju Ju the clown was so low and down
That his smile turned into a frown


Chapter One

The circus master was VERY furious
To lose a smile was very curious

What would he do, he’d have to let him go
An unhappy clown would ruin the show

Ju Ju cried and begged
Without the circus he’d surely be dead

For years he's been making them clap
He was the funniest clown on the map

But the circus master could not let him stay
A sore clown would surely drive the audience away

And so early one morning Ju Ju hopped on a bus
Away from the circus without as much as a fuss

Chapter two

Ju Ju the clown was new in town
Equipped with two suitcases and a terrible frown

He had nowhere to go
So he lived in a box

He had no money so he drank his own urine

And munched on some rocks

Eventually Ju Ju died
He was so malnutritioned


But nobody cried
He tasted like chicken